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Quick Guide for Interviews



Employers are looking for people who show a lot of enthusiasm and who want to work
for their company. You need to ensure that you convey this attitude to them during the

interviewing process.

Stages of the interview

1. Preparation
2. The interview
3. Post interview


Assess Yourself

  • Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Accomplishments/Achievements
  • Qualifications/Skills
  • Academic Preparation
  • Values
  • Short/Long Term Goals

Research on Company & Position

  • The company and the position
  • History and organizational structure
  • Product lines and services
  • Company culture
  • Recent developments via news stories
  • The competition
  • The industry

Practice- This makes you perfect

  • Review possible questions
  • Practice your presentation and delivery
  • Consider conducting a mock interview in the Office of Career Services

FAQ’s By Employers

  • Why Should we hire you?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses?
  • Why do you leave your last job?
  • Describe a problem situation & how do you solved it?
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • Tell me about yourself.

Actual Interview

Make good Impression

  • Dress professionally
  • Firm handshake
  • Eye contact
  • Obtain the interviewers name and use it to establish rapport and show respect
  • Be aware of your posture and body language
  • Think before answering questions; ask for clarification, if necessary
  • Answer the question—no more, no less (stay focused)
  • Link your skills, qualifications and experiences to the position
  • Be specific—give results
  • Each question is an opportunity for you to prove you are the one for the job!

Points to remember

  • Be positive
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be yourself
  • Know yourself
  • Sell yourself
  • Always keep in mind the interviewer’s needs and interests
  • Show motivation to fit in, grow with the company and make a real contribution
  • Ask yourself: “What can I do for them and how can I be of value”

At close of interview

  • Summarize your strengths that apply to the position
  • Summarize what points you like about the position and the company
  • Ask what the next step will be—timeline for making a decision
  • Give a firm handshake and smile
  • Thank the interviewer
  • First and last impressions count

Post Interview

  • Send a thank you letter within 24 hours if possible to reiterate your interest in the company/position
  • Review what you did right during the interview and what you could improve upon
  • Contact the interviewer within 10 - 14 days to inquire about the status of your application

Do’s & Don’ts in Interview

Do’s Don’ts
  • Do Your homework on the company
  • Do Be positive, show interest in the company
  • Do Sell yourself, be confident
  • Do Speak up, ask questions
  • Do Be as decisive as possible
  • Do Be creative
  • Do Learn from your mistakes
  • Don’t Over sell yourself
  • Don’t Be arrogant
  • Don’t Dress down
  • Don’t Stray off course-stick with the question
  • Don’t Be late
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