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Career Planning



The career planning encourages individuals to explore and gather information which enables them to synthesize, gain competencies, career Plan make decisions, set goals and take actions.

Every individual has dream of their own for a professional career and goals, which are the checkpoints, whether he/she traveling in a right direction or not. To achieve them fix your goals with timeline and develop plan A and plan B. The concept is simple when plan A doesn’t work then immediately you know there is plan B and this is an ideal constructive approach towards a better career.

Define Your Destiny

  1. Have you ever planned your career?
  2. Do you have a dream company you want to work with?
  3. Have you discovered what you are passionate about?
  4. Are you sure of the path you have chosen?
  5. Are you sure you want to pursue what you have studied so far?
  6. Can you rate yourself in terms of technical expertise in the chose field?


  1. Self-discovery: Identify your interests, abilities, preferences and personal mission
  2. Explore: Learn more about the specific career and opportunities
  3. Roadmap: Narrow down your choices to a few careers for continued exploration Milestones
  4. Preparation: Acquire required skills and knowledge to achieve your goal
  5. Jumpstart: Begin the job search and start your career
  6. Consolidate: Keep on adding value to develop your personalities.
  7. Catapult: Take a big leap in career to reach on the top.
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